Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Why Purchase Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Purchasing a fruit infused water bottle is necessary for anyone who is trying to lose a couple of pounds and spends a lot of time exercising. Power smoothies and energy drinks are loaded with calories and sugar, which means they aren’t the ideal drinks to consume post-workout.

To make the most of your workout and weight loss regime, incorporate fruit infused water in your diet.

Fruit infused water is the most refreshing drink one can have after a busy day at the gym. There are numerous health benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water every day. However, gulping down that many glasses of the tasteless liquid seems almost impossible.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Drinking fruit infused water is the perfect way to increase your water intake. Invest in a fruit infused water bottle and you can enjoy the natural fruity goodness wherever you go. Flavored water is a perfect alternative to the so-called diet drinks and syrupy sodas.

Why Buy a Fruit Infused Water Bottle


According to WebMD, good hydration is one of the most integral factors for overall health. Unfortunately, many people undermine its importance and thus find it difficult to maintain a good rate of hydration. While some people simply forget to intake water, others are just too lazy to get off the sofa and reach for a glass of water. Investing in a fruit infused water bottle is the perfect way to increase your water intake.

The fun part about flavored water is you can experiment with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs according to your personal preferences and tastes. These bottles are available in a variety of styles and colors so you won’t feel reluctant in taking it to the gym or to your workplace.  Get yourself an infused water bottle and you will notice an increase in water consumption.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle


Fruit infused water bottles can be conveniently stored inside the fridge for 3 to 4 days or can last up to a week or until the flavor is no longer present. The best infuser water bottles are resistant to leakages are lightweight and are easy to carry around hence simply toss the bottle in your workout bag and you are good to go. There are generally three types of fruit infused water bottles:

  • Stainless Steel Infuser Water Bottle
  • Glass Infuser Water Bottle
  • Sports Infuser Water Bottle

Ease of Use

Fruit infused water bottles are easy to use and clean. Here’s how to use one:

  • Thoroughly clean the inside of the infuser and the bottle. You can do this by hand or use a dishwasher. However, not all infuser water bottles are dishwasher safe so go through the user manual or visit the product’s website to learn how to clean the bottle properly.
  • Find recipes for the perfect fruit infused water or just choose your favorite fruits

Best Water Bottle


  • Thoroughly clean the chosen fruits and cut them into small pieces so they fit inside the infuser. Berries and slices of limes need not be sliced any smaller.
  • Place the chopped fruits inside the infuser, layering each fruit carefully so that the water can infuse the full flavor of all the ingredients.
  • Once all the fruits are in place, attach the lid and secure it into place.
  • Submerge the infuser inside the bottle, you may add ice if you wish
  • Allow the water to fully infuse. This usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

The Perfect Gift

Do you have a friend who is trying to get fit but needs a little boost? Why not gift them a fruit infused water bottle. These water bottles make for inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts, ideal for people who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Take things up a notch and gift your friend an awesome recipe book. Purchase a Savvy Infusion Water Bottle and you will also receive a free recipe e-Book so you and your friend can immediately put the bottle to good use.

Savvy Infuser

Save Time and Effort

Without a fruit infused water bottle, it would take hours to prepare infused fruit flavored water. A fruit infused water bottle only requires 15 to 30 minutes to completely infuse all the flavors of the fruit whereas if you were to soak the fruits in a jug, it would take up to 8 hours to completely infuse.

These bottles are incredibly convenient and easy to use. With a fruit infused water bottle, all you have to do is chop up your favorite fruits and vegetables and squeeze in some lemon juice and you are good to go.

On the other hand, preparing fruit drinks and smoothies requires significant time and effort, and not to mention you also have to invest in juicers or blenders which might not be easy on your budget. In addition, the fruits used for infused can be reused again as long as they still retain flavor, hence proving cost effective.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Save Money

There are numerous flavored water brands out there but are you really willing to spend that much on just water? Fruit infused water bottles allow you to make your own flavored water at home at a fraction of the cost. In addition, you can go crazy and experiment with different recipes while stores only offer a limited range of flavors.

Cons of Purchasing an Infused Water Bottle


While fruit infused water bottles are moderately priced or even fairly inexpensive, one may think of it as an unnecessary purchase when they can simply infuse fruit at home.

Health Risks

Plastic products and containers manufactured to store food and beverages, such as water bottles, may contain BPA. According to Mayo Clinic, BPA is an industrial chemical used in the production of certain plastics and resin. BPA increases the risk of a number of health problems, including reproductive disorders and diabetes.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle


So, as you can see, there are numerous benefits of purchasing a fruit infused water bottle. Not only does it ass convenience to your life but it also promotes better wellbeing.

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