Accessories for Your Home Bar

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home Bar

Every respectable adult should have a well-stocked home bar in their house, whether it’s for entertaining guests or keeping yourself satisfied. A bar at home represents a place where we can unwind and shut off from the world, and they make a great conversation piece for anyone who stops by.

Creating a home bar doesn’t need to be a lot of work, though, with a few essential items and the right mix of liquor you can have your very own bar that will rival any upper-class establishment. With your own bar at home, you’ll not only save yourself hundreds in outings over the year but also gain some cool skills along the way as you learn how to mix drinks like a professional.

Bar Accessories

Whether you’re interested in serving mocktails, healthy juices, liqueurs, or fancy cocktail mixes, these accessories can help get you there. They’re the perfect blend of convenience, practicality, and style, so they’re essential for creating a home bar that will impress your guests.

The Benefits of Having a Home Bar

While there’s no denying how cool it looks to have a fully stocked bar at home, there are some other great benefits you might not have considered. Not only is it far more comfortable than socializing with unwanted attention or waiting in line for the bathroom, but there are other advantages too.

  • Increase your friend circle: If you’re looking for a way to mingle more, a home bar could be just the ticket. With a home bar, you’re more likely to host events and parties so your social calendar fills up with ease. If you like, you can even ask friends to bring along someone they know and increase your social circle without ever leaving the house.
  • Save Money: If you’re sick of spending $15 on a cocktail every time you head out, a home bar can be a great way to cut costs. There’ll be no more agonizing checks of your bank account in the morning after a night out as you’ll already have the alcohol pre-purchased at home for a significantly reduced price.
  • ​Have drinks exactly to your liking: The best thing about your own bar is making drinks exactly as you wish. If you prefer it a little stronger, with a few extra ice cubes, or a dash of soda, you can have it the right way every time and in the comfort of your own home.
Home Party
  • Add value to your home: A quality bar can add value to your home, both financially and aesthetically. When planned correctly, a well-stocked bar is a great addition to any type of home whether it’s indoors or out.
  • Give You an Outlet For Relaxing: If you enjoy a drink but prefer to do with a smaller crowd, your home bar can take you away from the hustle and bustle of nightlife and let you relax with the company of your choosing. These special spaces are great for peace, and whether you want a quiet beer after work or a small group of friends around for wine, you can choose the guest list every time.

The Importance of Barware

One area where most home bars fall short is with their lack of barware. While you might be able to stir a cocktail with a spoon and have it look just the same, it certainly won’t taste the same. Having a few choice pieces of quality barware will ensure you’re prepared to make any type of drink your guests request, adding to the authenticity of your home bar.

Here are some tips from Martha Stewart for the essential barware items to keep stocked at all times:

  • Ice Bucket: Having cold ice on hand is absolutely crucial for a home bar, and why it deserves its very own category in this guide. However, an ice bucket is essential and should always be full to the brim to cater to your guests’ needs or add a refreshing top up to your drink.
  • Bar Spoon: These lengthy spoons feature a long handle with a small spoon at the end, designed for mixing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The long handle allows it work with all types of glasses, and its threaded design means you get a better grip as you mix.
One of Most Important Barware Pieces
  • Muddler: These bartender’s tools are just like a pestle, usually made from wood, designed to muddle up all of your ingredients. A muddler will mash, mix, and squash ingredients such as fruit and herbs within to get their fresh flavors out and mix everything together in a stylish way.
  • Jigger: A jigger is a fancy word for a shot glass and helps to measure out drinks to their required serving size. The best jiggers are those with two ends, giving you a choice between a single or double shot for mixing spirits and cocktails.
Stainless Steel Shooter
  • Cocktail Shaker: The one tool that can mix it all together in style is the cocktail shaker. These are generally made from stainless steel and feature a filter at the top to keep ice and other ingredients out when it’s time to pour.
  • Strainer: A strainer works just like the one top of your cocktail shaker, but can also be used to create other drinks. Whether it’s attached to the shaker or a separate tool itself, these are essential for filtering chunky parts out of your guest’s drinks.

Finding The Right Straws

No bar would be complete without a selection of quality straws to choose from, whether they’re for alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks. Straws have certainly come a long way since the traditional plastic form, and now have a range of materials and benefits to the user. Having a selection of straws in your home bar means you can cater to all of the different beverages and guests that enjoy a drink there.

Stainless Steel Straws

Plastic Straws

The most common type of straw, and those intended to be thrown away after use, plastic straws are a cheap way to keep your bar stocked for your guests. Ensure a selection of both short and tall straws to meet your different sized tumblers and cocktail glasses.

Stainless Steel Straws

Metal straws are a relatively new concept, but one that has huge benefits for thick drinks. These are great as smoothie straws or for drinking thicker cocktails or frozen drinks. The best part is, you can clean them easily and reuse them every time.

Stainless Steel Straws

Party Straws

For a little bit of fun, you can purchase some novelty straws to keep stored at your home bar. These can be colorful, different shapes, and even feature lights and music.

Glasses, Tumblers, And More

There wouldn’t be much of a bar without something to drink out of, so selecting the right mix of tumblers and glasses is crucial to your setup. The best home bars are those with a huge selection of drinking supplies that can cater to your guests’ needs and also the variety of drinks you’re likely to make.

Old Fashioned Glass Tumbler

Normally the most popular style of glass, the old fashioned tumbler is one of the small and short designs. They’re extremely versatile for a range of drinks and cocktails and feature a thick bottom to keep them from breaking. These glasses are ideal for whiskey and bourbon drinkers, so if you expect any of these at your home bar then you need to stock up.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

A stainless steel tumbler has a whole range of uses for a home bar, whether you’re mixing drinks within or serving from them. These are great as a smoothie cup or to serve frozen cocktails, thanks to their insulation abilities.

Shot Glasses

While it may not be every weekend that you reach for the shot glasses, there are some parties and events that definitely require them. Having a set of matching glass shot glasses is a classy way to keep your bar stocked, and they’re ideal for a tequila shot or anything else you might fancy.

Wine Glasses

An essential item for home bars or homes in general, quality stemware is a must. Aim for at least 6 matching wine glasses, or more if you expect to have extra guests over. It’s best to spend a little more here, as the quality and shape of a wine glass has been reported to affect its taste overall and the wine connoisseurs can likely tell.

Two Glasses of Wine

Champagne Flute

Just as important as wine glasses are the champagne flutes, as champagne is a commonly consumed drink at home bars. Again, how many you require in a set will depend on your expected guest list, but the quality is important here as well.


Another common type of glass is the highball, generally preferred after the old fashioned tumbler. A highball is great for mixing cocktails and features a long and slender design with a slightly flared top that is great for drinks that aren’t shaken.

Martini Glass

A martini glass is quite versatile in size, ranging from 3 to 12 ounces depending on your preference. These have a flared bowl and long thin stem that are an absolute must for any stylish home bar owner.

Favorite Ladies Drink

Health Kick Accessories

A good home bar owner will ensure they can cater to all types of guests, even those who don’t want to consume any alcohol. For many, their home bar doubles as a place to enjoy morning smoothies or healthy fruit juice blends, so it’s essential to have your bar stocked to cater for these types of drinks as well.

Smoothie Cups

Having a few smoothie cups on hand is great for morning juices, so make sure it’s something portable. A stainless steel tumbler and straws are great for cold drinks such as this, but something with a lid is ideal if you’re planning on making your drink to go.

Introduce Vegetables to Kids Smoothies


A blender can be great for mixing fruit juices or smoothies, but it’s also good to have on handy for frozen drinks and cocktails too. Whether you prefer the smaller bullet systems or a larger blender, it’s a must have item for the healthy guests at your bar.

Recipe book

A good host should be able to cater to all of their guests, and having a cocktail recipe book on hand is the best way to do this. It’s important to not leave your sober friends behind, so being able to whip up a delicious and nutritious alcohol-free drink is essential for any good home bar owner.

Keeping Cool With Ice

Almost every drink served at your home bar will require ice, so you need to have the right supplies. Purchasing ready-made ice can become expensive, and although the FDA regulates the production of store-bought ice it can often taste very different from that which you make at home.

Having a standard ice cube tray is handy, and many people love to use cubed ice in their drinks, however, a modern home bar should have a round ice cube mold available too. With so many benefits of sphere ice molds over traditional ice methods, they’re one of the best accessories you can have in your bar.

Not only are there great benefits for the flavor and temperature of your drink, but an ice sphere maker is a great conversation piece. These devices will make a perfect sphere of ice for your drink, and they instantly increase the appeal of anything you serve them with.

Fresh Ingredients For Entertaining

There are some things you need to keep stocked at all times, such as your barware and tumblers, but other items should be purchased just before an event. Depending on how many guests you’re having and the type of soiree you have planned, there are some must-have items that should be purchased fresh for quality.

  • Lemons and Limes: As one of the most popular fresh ingredients in many alcoholic drinks and cocktails, having fresh citrus on hand is essential. Lemons and limes should be chopped up on the spot to retain their freshness, and added to drinks at your guest’s choosing.
Bunch of Citrons
  • Fresh Fruit: Many popular cocktails use fresh fruit and herbs, so have the essentials on hand if you’re planning a big event. Strawberries, mint, basil, and oranges are just a few key ingredients but plan your cocktail list ahead of time for extra preparedness.
  • Snack Food: It’s no good serving alcohol without food to accompany it unless you want your guests to be very drunk and possibly sick. A few simple snack options will ensure nobody overdoes it on the alcohol, so be sure to have a supply of nuts, pastries, pizzas, and other hot food options on offer.

Your Selection of Drinks

The most important element to any home bar is the alcohol, but it can be hard to know what liquor is required to stock your place. If your home bar is just for personal use and you have a few favorites, keep these on hand and nothing else. However, if you ever plan on having guests over to enjoy the bar then you should have these basics ready to go.

  • Mixers: You should always have on hand your nonalcoholic mixers, to suit every type of guest. Soda, ginger ale, energy drinks, juices, and more are just a few options for how to stock the fridge of your bar.
  • Vodka: Definitely a crowd favorite, vodka is essential for simple drinks and can also be found in most popular cocktails. There’s no need to spend an insane amount on vodka, though, as even the cheaper brands don’t taste too bad when compared to other types of liquors.
Famous Smirnoff Vodka
  • Gin: Something mid range is good for gin, but considering most drinkers will mix it with tonic it doesn’t need to be extremely pleasant. As gin is often mixed into cocktails, this is another essential item.
  • Bourbon: This is one drink where you will need to splurge, as bourbon drinkers specifically know what taste they’re after. A cheap bourbon can burn your palate, so it’s best to have something fairly decent on offer for your guests.
  • ​Rum: A huge hit with cocktail lovers, rum comes in a few different varieties. Whether it’s spiced, white, or traditional, you should have a decent selection on offer and try not to skimp on these bottles. Cheap rum can ruin your drink completely, so don’t just go for the most affordable option.
  • Tequila: One that won’t be drunk that often, it pays to invest in a top shelf brand of tequila for your bar. You’ll only need one bottle on hand as many people prefer to avoid it altogether, but it is worth having a nice option available just in case.
Shots of Tequila
  • Wine and Champagne: Many wine drinkers will bring their own personal choice to a party, but to be safe you should have some backup supplies. A few bottles are all you need, with a choice of red and white, as well as some sparkling options.

Fun Accessories For The Party

While it’s nice to enjoy your home bar for yourself or entertain just a small group of friends on the weekend, there’s no better way to put it to good use than with a party. Some people shy away from parties at home due to the mess and noise, but if you’ve made the effort to create a lovely home bar then you should test it out with a larger event just once and stock up on some essential party supplies.

Party at Home
  • Coasters: If you don’t want your bar to get ruined, coasters are a must. Whether you want to purchase the disposable types commonly found at bars or invest in a quality set that can be reused any time you need, a coaster is a must-have for keeping condensation off your guests and precious home surfaces.
  • Napkins: Napkins are the easiest way to inject a little bit of color and style into any party, and a crucial accessory for your home bar. If you’re having a themed event you can select a napkin to suit, or opt for plain white for that classy look.
  • Music: Depending on the event, your music should suit the circumstances. Having some cocktail sipping tunes available is the easiest way to set the mood and get people to lighten up at your home bar.
  • Mixologist Book: For amateur cocktail makers, having a recipe book is essential. A good mixology book allows you and your guests to create perfect cocktails and experiment with a range of flavors. These books are a great conversation piece too, so be sure to have one on hand.

Enjoying Your Home Bar

Once it’s all set up and you have the right mix of accessories and liquor, you can now begin enjoying your home bar. As time goes on, you’ll learn what your guests favor and what bottles get left behind, so you can restock according to your personal preference.

The best thing about having a home bar is the ability to personalize it any way you like. With the basic tools and supplies, you can now decorate the area to suit your style. Consider the lighting, seating, larger kitchen appliances, and surrounding décor to give your home bar its very own feel.

Cocktail Party at Home

With a well-stocked home bar and comfortable place to unwind on the weekends, you’re able to benefit in so many ways. Whether you’re looking to save money from heading out on the town or just want a nice and relaxing space to enjoy your friends’ company, a home bar can do it all.

Setting up your bar may seem like an expensive option at first, but most bar accessories are incredibly cheap to afford. Considering the overpriced cost of a cocktail at most bars and restaurants, your home bar will pay for itself in just a few months time.

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