Fruit Infused Water

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle, 24 0z.

Infused water is all the rage these days and is not restricted to high-end spas and fitness clinics anymore. The trend stemmed from the fact that while we know we need to drink more water, imbuing it with sensational aromas, zest, and flavor makes it easier to gulp down.

Flavored water may be an alternative but according to a new study from the Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, incorporating nutrients in juices, energy drinks, and vitamin water offers no benefit. Not to mention, these boosted drinks are filled to brimming with sugar.

However, if you get bored of water, the savvy infusion water bottle would give you a new way to quench your thirst.

Fruit Infused Water

Water infused with all natural flavors is a replenishing and fun way to garner a flat belly, enjoy the radiant skin, burn fat fast, curb appetite, Detox, cleanse from inside out, and hydrate in style. Simply toss in frozen or fresh herbs and fruits to create your own lemonade infusions, iced tea, and thirst quenching water.

Zing with strawberries, mango, kiwi, lime, lemon, mint; the choices are endless. In addition, the tumbler can be securely lidded and is the perfect size to take to the office, camping, hiking, yoga, beach, and gym.

While there are a plethora of infusion water bottles in the market, never settle for cheap imitations, fabricated from inferior materials that make the bottles prone to break or leakage after limited use. The “One Savvy Life” offers something that makes the customers keep coming back for more; top-notch customer service, and state of the art quality products.

Savvy infusion water bottles are crafted from shatterproof TRITAN plastic, and are BPA-free, giving you the safest and the tastiest beverages. Since they are top rack dishwasher safe, you can enjoy a stress-free cleanse. Best of all, these infusers are leak proof.

Fruit Infused Water


  • Save carbonated water friendly, recyclable, and reusable bottles, giving you a less expensive alternative to sports drinks and sodas.
  • The attractive design makes it a great gift for students, nurses, personal trainers, co-workers, expectant mothers, mothers, and just about anybody who care about their health.
  • The bottles come with a “One Savvy Life” guarantee. In case you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, you can claim for a no hassle refund.
  • Leak and shatter proof. Can be taken outside
  • No BPA. Tried and tested hydration solution
  • Free e-book with the tastiest recipes and infusion tips

Fruit Infused Water


This sturdy infuser water bottle is one of the best product choices on the market. It can hold ample water on the go, is very durable, has an attractive finish, and has a convenient rubber bottom to help secure it to a smooth surface.

In addition, this water infuser can also be used for hot infused water recipes, which are in abundance over the internet. If you plan to take your water out a lot, but worry about shattering or breaking it, this product would put your mind at ease.

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