French Press Coffee Maker

Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker and Coffee Scoop Set

What’s not to love about a steaming cup of good coffee? Unfortunately, making the perfect cup can be difficult with any old regular coffee machine. How disappointing it is when a perfect cup of coffee is ruined because of a stale flavor left behind.

Start your day with a refreshing cup every morning by switching to a French Press coffee maker. Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker is an elegant and compact coffee maker that will prove the perfect addition to your kitchen.

With this coffee maker, you need not worry about wasting counter space or rummaging through instructional manuals. This appliance is fairly easy to operate, saving you not only time but a lot of effort as well.

Product Description

  • 1.4 pounds shipping weight
  • Comes with a bonus bag clip coffee scoop

French Press Coffee Maker

  • Money back guarantee
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Makes 9 mugs/ demitasse sized 8 cups
  • Fantastic packaging (it’s the perfect gift for any coffee lover)


Great Coffee

There is no point in purchasing a coffee maker that makes horrible coffee. The Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker results in coffee flavor in its purest form. It also makes a perfect gift for anybody who is tired of wasting money on store-bought coffee.

No Filters

Regular coffee machines use paper filters or reusable filters that alter the taste and aroma of the coffee. Rest assured, with the Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker, you will enjoy coffee like never before.

Each coffee bean is covered in essential oils that not only enhance the flavor of coffee but also provide numerous health benefits. These oils are prone to get caught by filters used in electrical coffee makers, preventing you from enjoying the perfect taste of coffee.

French Press Coffee Maker


This isn’t just some boring coffee machine. Aside from coffee, the appliance can be used to make loose leaf teas, frothed milk and delicious espressos. Get more flavor with the Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker.


The beauty of the French Press is its simple yet exquisite design. The coffee maker features a crystal clearfinely crafted borosilicate glass cylindrical pot with a plunger and stainless steel filter for better tasting coffee. Unlike regular coffee machines, the water is separated from the coffee grounds till it has reached boiling point for perfect brewing.

French Press Coffee Maker


One Savvy Life is a brand you can trust, hence if you are tired of tasting bad coffee, take the chance and invest in the Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker. You will not regret it and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you will receive an immediate refund.

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