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Reasons to Choose a French Press Coffee Maker

If you are a fan of coffee but are tired of heading out to the local coffee store every time you hit a craving, we have the ultimate coffee solution for you.  Good coffee shouldn’t be a luxury. After all, why should you pay extra money for a creamy cup of coffee when you can make it from home?

Invest in a French Press Coffee maker and enjoy a classic cup of coffee every day. A French Press is a specialized coffee maker with a cylindrical carafe along with a plunger that is used to push the ground beans to the bottom of the carafe once the coffee has been brewed, so you end up with a cup of coffee that is not only creamy but frothy as well.

Why Choose a French Press Coffee Maker

According to Food Service Warehouse, here are some benefits of using a French Press:

Saves Counter Space

Perhaps you share an apartment with an untidy roommate and are tired of how cluttered the place is starting to look. French press coffee makers are compact devices and save counter space. In addition, these coffee makers can be stored out of sight when you are not using them.

French Press on a Counter

Better Temperature Control

French Press Coffee Makers provide better temperature control than regular coffee machines. Want to know why? It’s because the water is heated separately from the ground beans and only added once the desired temperature has reached. Most regular coffee machines spit out the same temperature of water no matter what type of beans are being used.

Note that different types of beans require different temperatures.  With a French Press Coffee machine, you can control the heat of the water, to ensure the beans are brewed to their maximum potential.

Coffee Grounds Steep in Water

Using a French Press provides the user greater control. The user controls the exact time needed to extract the grounds. Once the water has reached boiling point, the ground beans immediately come into contact with water. The time for which the coffee is in contact with water determines the type of brew.

French Press and Coffee Beans

For a mild brew, the grounds should be combined with the water for about 90 seconds. People who enjoy strong coffee can let the water and coffee grounds sit for at least 4 minutes.

No Complexity

A French Press Coffee maker does not come with any of the complications of a regular coffee machine. While drip coffee machines are programmable and provide greater ease of use by having a cup of coffee ready for them early in the morning, not everybody finds it easy to work a programmable device. After all, who has the time to rummage through the instruction manual for every teeny problem?

Brewing coffee with a French Press only involves pouring grinds into the coffee pot and covering them up with hot water, simple as that.

No Filters

A coffee filter is a coffee brewing utensil that traps ground coffee beans residue, only allowing the liquid coffee to flow. A coffee filter can either be disposable or reusable. Most disposable coffee filters are made out of paper. A French Press does not require a coffee filter.

Brew with French Press

This is an advantage as filters may alter the taste of coffee as they absorb the natural essential oils of the coffee beans during the brewing process. Other disadvantages of paper filters include:

  • Without proper cleaning and maintenance, paper filters may accumulate dust and debris
  • Changing reusable paper filters can become an annoying task in the long run, plus you have to clean up afterwards
  • Different coffee makers require different filters. Hunting for the right paper filter is not always easy
  • No filters mean better flavor. Every coffee bean is enriched with essential oils that enhance the flavor of the coffee. Unfortunately, filters alter the taste of the coffee since the oils get caught in the filter. French Press Coffee machines have no filters so you enjoy the complete goodness of coffee.


Stainless French Coffee Makers are compact and portable devices. Going on a camping trip or spending the night away from the city? Take your coffee with you. On the other hand, drip coffee markers are a lot bulkier and have to be plugged in. Due to its compact design, French Press Coffee makers are ideal for office use. A French press coffee maker can go anywhere with you.

Pouring French Press


Morning coffee is not the only beverage you can make with a French Press Coffee Maker. The incredibly versatile machine can be used to make a cup of iced coffee. In addition, with the Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker and Stainless Steel, you can expand your horizon and experiment with decadent loose tea leaves, frothed milk and even make espressos.

Perfect Gift

Stainless steel French press coffee makers make for the perfect gift. These compact devices are inexpensive and are sure to be a hit anywhere they go. Regular coffee makers are so old school. Gift your friend something unique and useful.

Best of all, the Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker and Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop Set comes with a guarantee, so if you or your friend are not happy with the purchase for just about any reason, contact the company and you will get a full hassle free refund. The coffee maker also comes with a bonus bag clip coffee scoop.

French Press on a Counter

Easy To Clean

With a French Press, you don’t need to worry about maintenance. The machine is fairly easy to clean as compared to a regular coffee maker. Because the French Press only consists of a simple glass cylinder and other small removable parts, cleaning the machine takes only a few minutes. On the other hand, reaching inside the water reservoir of an ordinary coffee machine is not always easy.

So, there you have it. Invest in a stainless steel French press coffee machine and you will never have to worry about the morning coffee tasting bad.

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