Hot Summers Cure in Form of Lemonade

Tips on How to Make Lemonade from Lemon Juice Concentrate at Home

Looking for ways to quench your thirst this summer heat? Consider making some lemonade using lemon juice concentrate. The easy to make yet delicious drink is all you will want to sip on in summer. Here’s your complete guide to making the drink:


  • 7 cups water
  • 1 cup lemon juice concentrate
  • ½ cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1 ¾ cup sugar
  • Thyme, for garnishing (optional)
  • Lemon slices, for garnishing

Diabetic patients can opt for a sugar-free sweetener instead


  1. Squeeze Out Fresh Lemon Juice

To obtain ½ cup of fresh lemon juice, squeeze approximately 3 large lemons. For better juicing, roll the lemons against the counter or the palms of your hands before slicing it in half. Squeeze the lemons using your hands or a juicer.

Lemon Squeezing by Hand

  1. Combine the Ingredients

Once you enough fresh lemon juice, combine the lemon juice concentrate, the sugar and the fresh lemon juice in a large pitcher or tumbler. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture and allow the sugar to dissolve.  Then add the 7 cups of water and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

  1. Adjust the Flavor

Always taste the lemonade before serving it, even if you are following a fool-proof recipe. If the taste is too tangy, add a little bit more sugar. In case the lemonade is too sweet, add a small amount of lemon juice but not too much. In case you do add too much lemon juice, add more water to the mixture.

  1. Slice Fresh Lemons

It’s time we move over to the garnishing. Wash a fresh lemon thoroughly under the sink to remove the waxy coating. Use a kitchen knife to cut the lemon into wedges or thin slices. Toss the slices in the pitcher filled with lemonade.

Lemon Slicing

  1. Add Thyme

Though the use of thyme for garnishing is completely optional, it adds a distinct flavor to the lemonade. Wash a few thyme leaves and toss them in the pitcher. Do not forget to stir.

  1. Serve

Now that your drink is ready, pour the fresh lemonade into the serving glasses. Top off the glasses with plenty of ice cubes and add some more fresh thyme and lemon slices for garnishing.

Thyme Will Add Your Lemonade an Interesting Flavour

Tips for Making Amazing Home-made Lemonade

Have you had enough of store-bought sugary drinks? It is time you switch to healthier alternatives. Consider making a humungous jug of fresh lemonade for your friends and family this summer. The sweet and tangy drink will refresh your senses and will leave you craving for more. Rest assured, making the perfect glass of lemonade is quite simple and will only take a few minutes of time. Follow these tips if you want to make the perfect glass of homemade lemonade:

Choose the Right Lemons

Conduct a thorough inspection before picking out lemons at the grocery store. You will need ripe lemons to made fresh lemonade hence put down anything that appears green. Ripe lemons have a uniform bright yellow color and should not be pale.

A ripe lemon should have a fine textured peel and should feel firm in your hands. Additionally, avoid purchasing lemons that seem old, mushy or have many brown spots on them. When selecting a lemon, ensure that it is heavy. The heavier the fruit, the more juice it has.

Purchase Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are citrus fruits that are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin or a regular orange. These lemons are much smaller and much rounder than regular lemons. Because of their popularity, Meyer lemons can be found easily at grocery stores.

Cross Between Lemons and Mandarines

They are known for their signature sweet taste that sets them apart from all other kinds of lemons. Meyer lemons are perfect for making lemonade plus the added sweet taste means you can hold back on the sugar, which results in a healthier drink.

Purchase More Lemons than You Need

While you typically need 5 to 6 regular lemons to yield one cup of fresh lemon juice, the results may vary. Always buy more produce than you think you will need as the amount of juice varies depending on the type and size of the lemonade. Additionally, you can use a few extra lemons for garnishing and serving cocktails.

Let Lemons Rest at Room Temperature

Do not simply start squeezing lemons straight out of the fridge. Cold temperatures cause the membrane in the lemon to constrict and solidify, making it harder for you to extract the juice out of the rigid fruit. Prior to making lemonade, consider allowing the lemonades to rest for a little while at room temperature. A room temperature lemon is easier to work with because of its soft texture, making it easy for you to squeeze out the juice.

Rest Your Lemons at Room Temperature

Warm the Lemon

Warm lemons are easier to work with than room temperature lemons and produce a lot more juice. To warm the lemons, fill a medium sized bowl with hot water. The water should not be boiling or steaming. Allow the lemons to rest inside the bowl for a few minutes. You can pull out the lemon once its outer skin feels warm.

Get Rid of Seeds

Ensure you have gotten rid of all the seeds while squeezing the lemons. Use a strainer if necessary or pick out the seeds by hand.

Experiment with Fruits

Lemonades aren’t just about lemons. Consider experimenting with your favorite fruits. Add fruits, such as berries or lime, or use puree instead. One of the advantages of adding fruit puree is you will not have to add loads of sugar afterwards.

Make Lemonade Ice Cubes

Tired of water downed drinks? Consider making yourself lemonade ice cubes before serving the drink. For added flavor, toss in some mint leaves and herbs. Think ice cubes are tacky? Chill your drinks by adding frozen fruits and berries.

Ice Cubes from Lemonade

Enjoy a glass of tasty and refreshing lemonade at home by following these helpful tips. Enjoy!

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