Travelling Smoothie Cups

The Best Smoothie Cups for Travelling

The morning smoothie is a rite of passage for many, and a favorite way for people to start their day off with good health. For those of us who don’t have time to enjoy these tasty drinks at home, we require a quality smoothie cup for when we’re travelling.

With so many smoothie cups on the market, finding one that suits your needs can be a challenge. We’ve narrowed down some of the top categories to consider when finding the best smoothie cup for travelling, so you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

The Right Material

Choosing the right material is essential for a smoothie cup, particularly if you plan on travelling with it. For those times when you’re going long distance, something that can keep your drink insulated and cool such as stainless steel is the best pick.

Smoothie Cup For Traveling

If you’re travelling somewhere closer, perhaps on the morning commute to work, a BPA plastic or similar material would be ideal. This type of material will keep your drink relatively cold, but also ensure that no spills or leaks occur. You should avoid glass tumblers and mason jars, as they may be good for your health but they’re not the best travelling companions.

A Design Fit for Travelling

You may be tempted to reach for any old smoothie cup for your journey, but there are considerable design factors to be considered. As you may be travelling on bumpy transport, or walking, riding, and driving with your drink in tow, spillage is an area of concern.

There should be a smartly designed lid that allows for a straw to come through without posing a leaking hazard. Trying to open a container on a bumpy road will lead to disaster, so this is a crucial design element. The lid itself should be airtight, so even once you’re done no traces of smoothie can find their way into your bag if tipped upside down.

Size Matters

The size of your smoothie cup will come down to personal preference, but you should also consider the distance you’re travelling. If you want a drink that’s going to last a little longer, bigger is best. However, for something short which stays cold while you sip it, your average size smoothie cup will cover it.

Safe For the Environment and You

In this day and age where we understand the importance of health for our bodies and the environment, most smoothie cups will proudly advertise how safe they are. Whether they’re constructed from environmentally friendly and recycled materials, or feature no poisonous plastics that might harm you, something safe is best.

Smoothie Cup

While this won’t necessarily factor in choosing the best smoothie cup for travelling, it’s always nice to have peace of mind that you’re enjoying a healthy treat without any nasty consequences for yourself or the environment.

Shop for Your Budget

While it might be nice to own the top of the line smoothie cup, our budgets often limit us to something more reasonable. Due to the popularity recently of portable smoothie cups, having one that you can take travelling is now a lot more affordable than it used to be.

The average price for a BPA free plastic smoothie cup, with a removable lid and straw, can range from $20 – $50. While some of these may seem on the expensive side, keep in mind that you’re paying for durability and a product that guarantees to last many years.

Design and Style

Another completely personal decision and one that shouldn’t affect just how well your smoothie cup travels, is the style and design. With so many variations, colours, and designs available you’ll likely feel overwhelmed at the choice.

There appear to be a few popular designs for the travelling smoothie cup, each offering a unique take on this device. Firstly, the tumbler style cup with lid and straw is a basic but popular one, often decorated with colourful dots or stripes.

Secondly, the plain and understated clear plastic bottle which generally comes with a large open mouth and screw top lid. These are less likely to feature any designs and more suited to people who are after practicality more than style.

There are other styles available, generally with slight variations on these popular designs. As you’re purchasing a cup that will work well when travelling, the design should matter less than its functionality, so always consider that when shopping around.

Convenient Added Features

Now that you have all of the basics covered, there’s the option to upgrade to something a little more complex. Smoothie cups for travelling can be as simple or as complicated as you like, with a few extras available to make them that much more enjoyable.

Smoothie Cup

  • Padded handle – Some smoothie cups come with a foam or similar material for their handle, meaning your drink won’t spill even if there’s condensation.
  • Built in cooler – If you’d like to keep your drink cold for longer journeys, purchase a smoothie cup with an inbuilt cooler. Simply freeze the cooler section and pop it on when you’re ready to go.
  • Powder storage – If you use your smoothie cup for protein shakes, you can purchase one with a separate compartment for keeping a serving or two of powder.

The Verdict

You might not have known it, but choosing the right smoothie cup for travelling takes quite a bit of consideration. With healthy smoothies being a huge craze lately, there are now more options than ever to choose from.

While personal taste comes into it, your main concern should be with durability, stability and how cold your drink stays on your journey. Investing a little bit more in a quality product will not only leave your drink safer and cooler but last you years beyond the cheaper styles.

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