Sphere Ice Balls

All You Need to Know About Sphere Ice Molds

When entertaining your family and friends at home, it can be extremely challenging to impress your guests once it is time to bring out the drinks. Rest assured, sometimes even the simplest changes can have the greatest impact.

Watery drinks are an absolute no-no. To add a little bit of style and to prevent your drinks from diluting, ditch those traditional ice cubes and use sphere ice balls instead.

Create the Perfect Sphere Ice Balls with Sphere Ice Molds

Create stunning sphere ice balls using sphere ice molds. Invest in BPA-free silicone trays. As opposed to purchasing an ice marker, ice molds can be conveniently stored in your fridge. Sphere ice molds are an inexpensive solution for chilling drinks.

Sphere Ice Balls

Ice Molds vs. Ice Machines

Ice machines are stand-alone appliances for making ice. An ice maker can prove to be an asset to any home since they are great for entertaining and for social events. However, ice makers are not suitable for homes that rarely use ice. Here’s why ice molds are better than ice machines:

Easy to Use

Using an ice mold is fairly easy, simply pour in some water in the mold and store it in the freezer and you are good to go. Ice machines can be complicated to use and come with a range of instructions. These complications are fairly unnecessary when you can just reach out for ice, straight from your freezer.

In addition, there are multiple of factors which need to be considered while installing an ice maker. Ice machines come in a variety of sizes, some larger than others. To install an ice machine, you need to have enough space for the ice machine, its bin and filter. In addition, the icemaker cannot simply be placed anywhere you like. For maximum efficiency, the machine and bin should be placed in a cool area.

Sphere Ice Balls


Ice molds are affordable as compared to ice machines. Ice machines come in various price ranges but none of them will ever be as economical as an ice mold.

Easy Storage

Ice makers come in a range of sizes but even the smallest ice maker you purchase will take up a decent amount of space in your kitchen whereas multiple ice molds can simply be stacked on top of each other in the freezer.

No Need for Repair and Maintenance

With silicone sphere ice molds, there is no need for you to worry about repair and maintenance. Ice makers are electronic appliances and may wear off after months of usage. In addition, ice makers require regular maintenance for consistent results. According to Achrnews, all parts of the ice machine directly in contact with water need to be inspected for mold, slime and scale.

Sphere Ice Balls

Easy to Clean

Silicone ice molds are easy to clean. Just toss it in the sink and scrub it with soapy water. However, the same cannot be said about ice makers. Cleaning icemakers involve a number of procedures. According to Achrnews, here are the steps involved in cleaning icemakers:

  • First off, the ice machine’s water system needs to be cleaned according to the company’s instruction manual
  • Remove and inspect the air filters for scale, mold and slime
  • Inspect the water filtration system and check the water pressure
  • Sanitize the machine after cleaning all the components, especially the water valve, as it may contain debris on the inlet side, resulting in water restriction to the ice machine
  • Sanitize the dispenser and storage bin instead
  • After maintenance, observe two cycles but throw out the first batch of ice after cleaning

Sphere Ice Balls

In addition, users are recommended to replace all the parts and panels after a few months of use. So, as you can see, ice molds are convenient to use and clean.

Kids Friendly

Children cannot be trusted with electronic appliances. Encourage your children to make healthy fruit juices by letting them use sphere ice molds. Plus, who says these molds can only be used for ice? Experiment with all kinds of recipes and encourage your children to get creative.

Saves Energy

Investing in an ice mold does not spike up your electricity bills. On the other hand, ice machines use a considerable amount of power. Electrical requirements and special installation considerations need to be taken into account prior to installation. Save yourself the trouble and invest in sphere ice molds.

Sphere Ice Balls

For Travel

Heading out on a vacation or travelling across the city to meet your friend? Ice molds can conveniently be packed in a bag and be taken anywhere you go. On the other hand, even portable ice machines are not lightweight or suitable for travel.

Why Use Sphere Ice Balls?

The shape and size of the ice plays an imperative role in how your drink tastes. Contrary to small ice cubes, larger ice sphere balls do not melt quickly and do not dilute mixed drinks. While a drink served with small ice cubes might last better when it is first served, it is bound to turn watery and become less flavorful with the passage of time.

Larger ice balls take a longer time to melt and release less water into a drink, ensuring the last sip tastes just as great as the first. Ice machines are incapable of making perfectly sphere ice balls, all the more reason for you to invest in ice molds.

Sphere Ice Balls


So, why waste your hard-earned money on an ice machine when you can have twice as much fun with sphere ice molds. Savvy silicone ice molds are affordable and perfect for everyday use. Sphere ice balls have less surface area, causing the ice to melt slowly, giving you an exquisitely delicious drink minus the watery taste.

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