Best Smoothie Containers

6 Best Smoothie Containers

The popularity of the smoothie continues to grow as more of us place a serious focus on our health, whilst looking for convenience too. Whether you enjoy your smoothie as part of a balanced breakfast or like a little something to get you energized for a big workout, you’ll need to have a trusty smoothie container to hold your drink.

With the right ingredients, a smoothie can provide most of your nutrients and vitamins for the day, so it’s essential to get them right. Depending on your personal needs, the right smoothie cup will differ for each person.

Here are a few questions to consider before deciding which is right for you.

Healthy Smoothie

  • Will I be drinking on the go? – Not all smoothie containers have been designed to travel, so consider where you’re likely to be using yours. If you do need to drink on the go, always opt for a container with a lid and leak free qualities.
  • What is my budget? – You don’t need to spend up big to get a quality smoothie container, but there are those on the higher end of the price scale if you’re after more features. Provided the materials used are safe and durable, the cost doesn’t have to be high.
  • Do I care more about design or functionality? – Think about where and when you’ll want to use your smoothie container. If you’re drinking at home or entertaining, something more visually appealing is a good idea. For complete practicality, though, the looks shouldn’t matter.
  • Do I want to use a straw? – Some smoothie containers come with a straw attached, as this is the preferred way to enjoy the drink for many. If you do want to use a straw, purchase a container that has this function built in otherwise there is the potential for leakage.

With those questions in mind, here are the top six smoothie containers and how each of them can benefit you, along with some possible downfalls that may be an issue.

The Tumbler

Perhaps one of the trendiest ways to enjoy a cool drink, these retro looking tumblers have made a huge comeback with smoothie drinkers. Topped off with a lid and straw, you can take them virtually anywhere you need to be.

The Tumbler

Many high-end styles have added insulation, so while they may look cool they’re actually very practical too. The only downside with a tumbler is the possibility of leaking, but this shouldn’t be an issue provided you keep the drink upright while you enjoy it.

Sports Bottles

Not just ideal for your water, sports bottles are the perfect way to keep your smoothie contained and free from leaks. Sports bottles often have a wider mouth which makes them great for thick smoothies or putting a straw through the top if it doesn’t already come equipped with one.

Smoothie Sports Bottles

They’re easy to clean too, with many of these plastic varieties being safe for the dishwasher. One disadvantage is the lack of insulation generally with these styles, but you can spring for something more advanced if this is an issue.

Blender Cups

For extra convenience, many people now enjoy their smoothies straight from the cups that come with their blender. The latest range of juicers and blenders allow you to make a smoothie with the same cup that you can later detach, meaning no additional dishes or mess.

Smoothie Blender Cups

Simply screw on the airtight lid and you can enjoy your smoothie as fresh as possible. Cleanup may take a little longer with these, though, as they something have additional parts or compartments for the blades.

Mason Jar

While not as popular as the transportable types, the mason jar is an ideal choice for a smoothie container that is free from the potentially harmful chemicals found in some plastics. Using a glass mason jar is preferred by many for its environmental impact and the way that it captures the freshness and taste of your drink.

Smoothie Mason Jar

Mason jars look amazing as smoothie containers and they can even be decorated any way you wish. There is the risk of breakage though if you happen to drop them, and they don’t travel well like the other styles.

Shaker Bottle

The shaker bottle has two functions in one when used as a smoothie container. Not only are they great for holding your drink, but they have the ability to create and mix a smoothie on the go. Shaker bottles feature a wire ball inside that allows you to mix up protein drinks, milkshakes and more.

Smoothie Shaker Bottle

Although the ball is handy for most drinks, be careful not to try and add anything too chunky into your smoothie otherwise there may be issues with blending it. For a pre-blended drink though these are great for keeping the desired smooth consistency as you enjoy it.

Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

The insulating power of stainless steel makes this a great choice for a smoothie container. These are the best pick for people wanting to enjoy their drink on the go, as it can keep the cold in for far longer than other cups.

Smoothie Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Stainless steel is completely BPA free, so you can feel safe drinking from this material. One downside is the potential for the surface material to scratch or chip, but this shouldn’t affect your smoothie at all.

The Verdict

Choosing the right smoothie container is just as personal as the ingredients in your smoothie, so you’ll need to consider where you like to enjoy them most. Provided your smoothie container is free from harmful materials and chemicals and doesn’t impart any strange tastes or odors into your drink then any of these options will do.

For greater variety, you might like to have one smoothie container for traveling and the other for enjoying at home. A mason jar can be a decorative way to serve drinks when you don’t need the option of a lid, and a stainless steel insulated cup for when you’re on the go.

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